Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is GIrl Rising?

A. Girl Rising is a global social action campaign for girls’ education. Our purpose is to make sure people everywhere are talking about girls’ education, that they understand its transformative power, recognize the barriers, and choose to get involved in order to make a difference. Any revenues generated by Girl Rising go back into the project or toward furthering the goals of the campaign.


Q. Is Girl Rising a 501(c)(3) non-profit?

A. Girl Rising is a non-profit organization, but we are currently awaiting our 501©(3) designation. Until that time, we will continue accepting donations through the Girl Rising Impact Fund, managed by our fiscal sponsor the Tides Foundation.

Any revenues generated by Girl Rising have gone back into the project and furthering the goals of the campaign.


Q. How does Girl Rising work with partners?

A. Together with partners, we launch high profile campaigns to bring visibility to the issues girls face and inspire people to dismantle the barriers that hold them back. Girl Rising enlists celebrities, global leaders and media partners to build campaigns with widespread visibility. We unite individuals, companies, organizations and governments to act as a collective force of positive change. Partnership is how we broaden our reach and impact. We collaborate with individuals, organizations and companies to share the knowledge about girls’ education more widely and deeply. Our partners expand the campaign’s impact by reaching larger audiences and growing the movement; they strengthen the message through their public support of the campaign; and they increase efficacy through their resources, relationships, and expertise.


Q. How do I donate or Fundraise for Girl Rising?

A. To contribute online, you may donate here. Each contribution to Girl Rising impacts girls and the community around her – her siblings, teachers, parents, leaders and beyond. Our work promotes the need to invest in girls and boys equally, proving the great possibilities when girls are supported and providing tangible ways to take action and get involved.

Some examples of what donations support include:

  • Production of mass media public service announcement campaigns, distributed in areas where girls' rights are severely limited
  • Re-enrollment programs for hundreds of out-of-school girls and boys in our program regions
  • Trainings for teachers focused on reducing gender bias in the classroom
  • Workshops for journalists to help them better report on peace, stability and education - with the role of women at the center
  • Support for curricula development and youth engagement programming
  • Translations and adaptations of the film for use in new contexts and cultures
  • Subsidized screening licenses for the Girl Rising film
  • Research and development for our expansion to new regions around the world
  • Data analysis to help us measure the effectiveness of our work


Q. How does Girl Rising cover its production and operating costs?

A. The entire production of the Girl Rising film was funded through the generosity of philanthropists, corporations, foundations and passionate supporters. To continue the Girl Rising campaign for girls’ education, the ongoing operating and production costs are funded by our generous supporters, grants and sponsorships, and by revenue from film and merchandise licensing and sales.


Q. How does the distribution of the film support Girl Rising?

A. Girl Rising donated a portion of proceeds from licensing and screening revenue to the Girl Rising Fund between 2013 and 2015. Since then, every cent from licensing sales goes to further the work of our ongoing global campaign. It pays for our staff to do our work and for things like new translations and adaptations of the film. It allows us to provide the film so partners may use it in their own communities, and importantly allows us to lay the groundwork and implement Girl Rising campaigns in new regions around the world.


Q. What kind of stories do you tell?

A. Girl Rising stories are rooted in beauty and truth. We choose to tell stories that inspire without sacrificing the reality in which our girls live. Our most forceful and eloquent storytelling tool to date is our critically acclaimed feature film. Narrated by Meryl Streep, Anne Hathaway, Alicia Keys, Freida Pinto and others, it spotlights nine unforgettable girls living in the developing world: ordinary girls who battle nearly impossible odds to achieve their dreams. Learn more here.


Q. Do I need permission to use photos & videos found on the Girl Rising Website?

A. All Girl Rising images are owned by Girl Rising or our photographers. Fundraisers, media, screening hosts and grassroots supporters are granted a nonexclusive right to use only the photos found in our Public Use folder on promotional material and social media directly related to their event or screening. No other Girl Rising images may be used by grassroots supporters in any way without advanced permission. If you would like to request permission for a specific image, please contact us.


Q. Who are your non-profit partners? How do you choose them?

A. Girl Rising works with a host of non profit partners around the world. Some we have formal relationships with and others we work with in a less formal way.

We selected a set of seven “Impact” Partners when we were making the film. These partners were widely viewed to have best-practice programs serving girls around the world. They committed to hosting our film team in one of the countries they operate in. In addition, they were complementary in their approach to interventions on behalf of girls. For example, CARE serves girls and women generally, while Room to Read is a literacy-focused organization. This was important because getting girls into school, keeping them there, and making sure they learn relies on a holistic approach that includes life-skills training, health training, the provision of safe-spaces, as well as traditional academic training.

These seven initial non-profit impact partners are: A New Day Cambodia, CARE, Partners in Health, Plan International USA, Room to Read, United Nations Foundation/Girl Up, and World Vision. We also arranged for audience donations from 2013 - 2015 to go to a 501©3 Fund, The Girl Rising Fund, then distributed to these non-profit partners. These organizations also have the opportunity to incorporate the film into their programming and fundraising efforts as they see fit.

Girl Rising also has formal partnerships with a number of NGOs for our work around the world. All of our NGO partners have an enthusiasm for the collaborative spirit of Girl Rising and are open to building a coalition of support for girls that includes other Girl Rising NGO partners, Girl Rising corporate partners, Girl Rising policy leaders and grassroots distribution partners. Meet our partners here.


Q. Can any person or organization have a private screening of Girl Rising?

A. Yes. Please note that screenings in one’s home do not require a screening license. You may purchase the DVD, Blu-Ray or digital download or view or rent the film online. You may rent a DVD from Netflix, and stream in some regions, or rent/view on YouTubeiTunes and Amazon.


Q. When do I need a screening license to share Girl Rising?

A. A screening license is required for all screenings organized outside of one’s home - this is true whether or not you charge for tickets, or are a for-profit, non-profit organization or school. However, license fees vary by your type of organization and how many times you plan the screen the film.

Detailed information is available on our screenings page.

When you buy, rent, or borrow any type of audiovisual work made by someone else (like the team behind Girl Rising!), you obtain only the copy of the content itself, and not the copyright to the movie. You certainly are free to watch the movie yourself or with your personal network in a private setting, but, beyond that, your rights are limited by law. When you purchase a screening license you are buying the rights to publicly screen the film in a designated location.

As an independent screening host, you are eligible for a public performance license which is considerably cheaper than what a commercial cinema must pay to show a film.


Q. How does my license fee benefit Girl Rising?

When you decide to screen Girl Rising, you’re receiving the rights to share the Girl Rising film and an opportunity to raise awareness. You’re also fueling a movement ending inequality and exploitation.

Your contribution helps us keep girls’ education as part of the mainstream conversation, and supports our programming, operating and production costs. Your support lets us equip communities with powerful media tools and programs that prompt lasting change and inspire action that gets girls into school around the world.


Q. Is the Girl Rising film available in subtitles?

Yes. View our current subtitled versions. If you are interested in the custom version of Girl Rising created for audiences in India, please email


Q. If we are an international corporation, can we screen at multiple locations around the world under a single license?

Yes, absolutely. The same licensing charges apply; $5,000 for a 30-day license, meaning that you can screen at any of your offices worldwide during the rental period, or $750 for a single screening at any global location. You may get in touch with our Corporate Screenings team at


Q. I'd like to offer Girl Rising merchandise at my event. Do you have wholesale prices?

Girl Rising does offer wholesale option for our merchandise. Please note that due to inventory levels, we may not be able to offer every product for wholesale orders.

If you are interested in purchasing a wholesale order please email with the following information: products you wish to purchase, quantity of each product, and the date you need the merchandise to arrive.

If you’d like to directly order merchandise from the Girl Rising store, you may do so here.


Q. I'm not sure I can cover the cost of my screening license. Any advice?

You bet! Charge admission for your event, team up with other organizations or student groups to split the cost, and invite as many people as you’d like. We have found that individuals and groups partnering together host successful events by distributing the costs and leveraging their larger reach. The more partners, the better for attracting a big crowd.

We understand that, in some instances, the licensing fee is high and we are happy to provide alternatives. You may be interested in our free online chapters, Suma’s Story and Senna’s Story. These two free chapters, totaling 25 minutes can be paired with extra, supplementary videos from our YouTube Channel about barriers to girls' education and the authors of the chapter. Together, they allow time for other features of your event, like a discussion, fundraiser, or anything else you can imagine!