The Wall of Barriers

Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 4.50.26 PM.png

"If you are looking at this poster, allow us to explain its meaning. Here you have people from all over the world standing on a broken down wall of rubble supporting each other while holding up OUR Earth. The broken walls upon which they are standing represents labels and stereotypes and anything else that divides all of us and drives those wedges between us. Global citizenship is about making this vision become a reality. It is about incorporating the words you see surrounding the hand flags in our lives each and every day. Will you become a global citizen and help break down "The Wall of Barriers"?"

This mural was submitted by Cadet Monterroso, Cadet Hernandez, Cadet Hammond and Cadet Jauregui Students at Sunburst Youth Academy. These students take action for girls by learning about girls' education in school and ensuring other young people like them take action as global citizens.

Sara Hubbard